Frequent Questions

Ordering Made Easy

Q: How do I place an order through
A: It’s easy and convenient to order from us:

  • Goto the shop and select the type of product you wish to purchase
  • Select the products and quantity and they will be added to your shopping cart
  • Once you have finished making your selections, click on your cart and you will be brought to the checkout page.
  • You will need an account to checkout. If you are a first time buyer, you will be prompted to create an account, simply fill in an email and password, and you will receive a confirmation email from us.
  • Simply login to your account, confirm your shipping address and place your order.
  • At the checkout confirmation page, you’ll see payment instructions alongside your order number.  This will guide you on sending an Interac E-Transfer.
  • Once we have received the E-Transfer, your order will be shipped and you will receive your XpressPost tracking number from us.
  • If you require a package to be sent out with a “signature required” please notify us.

Q: When does my order ship out?
A: If we receive your order and Interac E-Transfer by 1PM EST, we will ship your order the same business day.  If we receive your order and Interac E-Transfer after 1PM EST, your order will place the next business day.

Q: Editing or Adding to an order?
A: If you desire to add or edit your existing order, email us at [email protected] with your order number that you want altered.  The easiest way to handle this is to cancel your old order and simply create a new one if the order hasn’t been shipped out yet.

Q: Can I order outside of Canada?
A: No, we only ship within Canada

Q: Can I speak with a customer service representative?
A: Simply email us with your concern and we will address it as soon as possible.

Q: Why do you need my ID?
A: We require ID’s for proof of age. 19+.  We save all the ID’s on our server and purge them every quarter.


Q: How do I send an Interac E-Transfer?
A: Simply login to your online banking, and select “E-Transfer”.  Your bank or credit union will explain the rest.  It’s easy and convenient.

Q: What happens once the E-Transfer is sent?
A: Once you send the E-Transfer we will receive it on our end and send you an email notifying you of our reception of the E-Transfer.  We will also include the tracking information in the email, allowing you to track the progress of your package.

Q: What happens to my order if I don’t send an E-Transfer?
A: If an order is placed and we haven’t received an E-Transfer in the amount owing on the order, then we will send an email reminding you to send payment.  If payment hasn’t been received within 48 hours of the order being placed, we will cancel the order.

Q: What are the shipping fees you charge?
A: If an order is less than $200 we charge the standard $15 Expresspost mailing fee.  If an order if $200 or more, than shipping is free!

Q: Is tax included in the prices?
A: Yes, a 5% GST is included in the price of every order.

Q: What is the minimum order I can place?
A: We have a $50 minimum on all orders placed through


Q: How will my order be packaged?
A: All orders placed from will be vaccuum-sealed to protect your privacy and to ensure maximum freshness of your product.

Q: What happens if my package does not arrive?
A: Please allow Canada Post an extra 48 hours to deliver your package.  If it does not arrive than we will file a trace with Canada Post.  If they determine that the package has been lost or is not deliverable, than we will send a one time replacement package containing your order at no cost to you.  

Q: Canada Post hasn’t updated the tracking status on my package.
A: This happens when a package has missed the status scan on Canada Post’s side.  Most likely everything is fine.  If 48 hours have passed since the expected arrival date and you have not received your package, please inform us and we will file a trace report.

Q: Why was my package sent with a “Signature Required” upon delivery?  
A: All orders over $500 will require a signature, if you do not wish for this to be the case then please notify us when you place your order and we will remove the requirement for a signature.

Q: Help! My order is being sent to the wrong address!
A: This is more often than not just a human error. Please allow a bit of time for Canada post to correct their error. If the package does not get delivered successfully, please notify us and we will file a trace report.

General Inquiries

Please checkout our FAQ’s, but if we are missing an answer to one of your questions, please contact us directly using the “Contact Us” form on the front page!  Happy ordering.

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